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本使用条款和用户协议(以下简称““Agreement”)控制着www.kirkusreviews.com(“Website”), including without limitation, participation in its messaging services, forums, chat services, bulletin boards, blogs or any other forums or other such services available on or through the 网站 (the “Community Areas”) (except to the extent stated otherwise on a specific page) as provided by 柯克斯 Media LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“Service Provider,” “we,” “us,” or “our”).

在使用本网站之前,请仔细阅读本协议。无论您是本网站的订户还是访客,本协议均构成您与我们之间的法律协议,这些条款定义如下。仅在您同意遵守所有适用法律和本协议的情况下,您才有权访问本网站。 除本协议之外或与本协议相抵触,您提出的任何其他附加条款和条件均被我们明确拒绝,并且没有任何效力。 如果您不同意本协议,则应立即离开网站。

您r failure to follow these rules, whether listed below or in bulletins posted at various points in the 网站, may result in suspension or termination of your access to the 网站, without notice, in addition to Service Provider’s other remedies.

In addition to reviewing this 协议, please read 我们的 隐私政策. 您r use of the 网站 constitutes agreement to its terms and conditions as well.

你是一个“Subscriber” if you choose to pay the subscription fees as discussed below in order to be able to use certain features of this 网站, including, among others, accessing certain of 我们的 content, participating in the comments features or otherwise contributing content.  To become a 订户, you must read this 协议 and complete your registration as a 订户, thereby agreeing to be bound by the terms above and this 协议 in its entirety.

你是一个“Visitor” if you are not a 订户, but are using or accessing those portions of the 网站 to which you have access.  If you are a 游客, you are bound by the terms and conditions above and by those sections of this 协议 that are identified as applicable to 游客s.


Changes to 条款of Use and 订户 协议

We may change the terms of this 协议 from time to time by notifying you of the change in writing or electronically (including without limitation, by email or by posting a notice on the 网站 that the terms have been updated). 所做更改也将出现在本文档中,您可以随时转到“使用条款”部分进行访问。  您 signify that you agree to be bound by such changes by using the 网站 after changes are made to this 协议.


This 网站 is not intended for use by children, especially those under age 13.  No one under age 13 is allowed to provide any personal information or use 我们的 社区区域. Minors between the ages of 13 and 17 must get the permission of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) before making purchases, including subscriptions, on this site.


文字,图形,图像,视频,元数据,设计,组织,汇编,外观,广告和所有其他受保护的知识产权(以下简称““Content”)可通过本网站获得,是我们的财产或广告商和许可人的财产,并受版权法和其他知识产权法保护。  The copying, reproduction, publication, display, rearrangement, redistribution, modification, revision, alteration, cropping, re-sizing, reverse engineering, movement, removal, deletion, or other use or change by you, directly or indirectly, of any such 内容, including but not limited to the removal or alteration of advertising, is strictly prohibited.

您 agree not to otherwise create abstracts from, scrape or display 我们的 内容 for use on another 网站 or service or post any 内容 from the 网站 to weblogs, newsgroups, mail lists or electronic bulletin boards, without 我们的 written consent.  Please consult Meg LaBorde Kuehn ([email protected]) if you need to distribute reviews from the 网站 on a regular basis or in any other manner not expressly permitted by this 协议.

Except for any exceptions that consitute "fair use" under applicable law, you may not sell, publish, distribute, retransmit or otherwise provide access to the 内容 received through the 网站 to anyone without 我们的 permission. 但是,如果您包括所有版权和相关内容,您有时可以免费以电子或非电子形式分发本网站的副本或部分评论,包括但不限于在网络日志,新闻组,Twitter或其他社交媒体上,免费。其他所有权声明,其形式与声明在服务中的显示方式相同, “Used with permission from 柯库斯评论 Online.”

您 agree not to rearrange or modify the 内容.  您 agree not to disrupt, overwhelm, attack, modify, reverse engineer or interfere with the 网站 or its associated software, hardware and/or servers in any way, and you agree not to impede or interfere with others’ use of the 网站.

您 agree not to use the 网站 for any unlawful purpose. We reserve the right to terminate or restrict your access to a Service if, in 我们的 opinion, your use of the Service may violate any laws, regulations or rulings, infringe upon another person's rights or violate the terms of this 协议.

Other than connecting to 我们的 servers by http requests using a Web browser, you may not attempt to gain access to 我们的 servers by any means, including, without limitation, by using administrator passwords or by masquerading as an administrator while using the 网站 or otherwise.


We may link to, or promote, web sites or services from other companies or offer you the ability to download software from other companies. 您 agree that we have not reviewed and do not endorse the content of all sites linked to from this 网站 and we are not responsible for the content or actions of any other sites linked to from this 网站. 您链接到任何服务或网站的风险由您自行承担。


提供本网站以及此处提供的所有信息,内容,服务,商品,广告,文档和相关图形“AS IS,” “AS AVAILABLE,”不作任何明示或暗示的担保。本网站上发布的文件和相关图形可能包括技术上的不准确性或印刷错误。对于本网站或本网站所含信息,内容材料或产品的操作,我们不作任何形式的明示或暗示的担保,包括但不限于对信息,数据,数据处理服务的任何担保。 ,正常运行时间或无中断访问,有关可用性,可玩性,可显示性,准确性,准确性,准确性,完整性,完整性,实用性或信息内容的任何保证。在适用法律,服务提供者及其分支机构,官员,董事和雇员所能及的最大范围内,此处不提供与本信息有关的所有保证和条件,包括对适销性,准确性,适用性或适用性的任何保证和条件。特殊目的,标题和非侵权。服务提供者不保证网站与您的设备兼容,也不保证其中的相关服务没有错误,病毒,蠕虫,“TROJAN HORSES”或任何其他有害,侵害或损坏的文件,对于由于此类破坏性功能而可能遭受的任何损害,概不负责。在任何情况下,服务提供商和/或其分支机构,官员,董事或雇员对因使用,数据或利润损失(无论是由于合同行为)造成的任何特殊,间接或继发的损害或任何损害均不承担责任因使用本网站或本网站的服务或提供的信息而产生的或与之相关的其他弯曲行为。



您 will indemnify and hold us and 我们的 officers, directors, agents, affiliates, joint ventures and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, due to or arising out of this 协议 and your use of the 网站.


本网站的所有内容和受其他保护的功能,包括但不限于设计,安排,布局,软件,文本,图形和图像均由我们或在我们的指导下创建,并受美国和国际商标,版权法及其他法律的保护。适用法律,并且是服务提供商的财产,除非另有说明。未经书面许可,不得复制,仿制或重新发送此网站的任何部分。本网站上所有内容的汇编,收集,安排和组装是服务提供商的专有财产,并受美国和国际版权法的保护。本网站上使用的所有软件均为服务提供商或其软件供应商的财产,并受美国和国际版权法的保护。本网站上使用的文字和图像(并非服务提供商的财产)是其各自版权所有者的财产,并由服务提供商根据版权所有者或其代理商的明确授权使用。严格禁止对本网站上的内容,图像和软件进行任何使用,包括复制,修改,分发,传输,重新发布或显示。 网站中包含的任何内容均不得解释为以暗示,担保,禁止反言或明确授予方式授予您或任何其他方服务提供商或任何第三方的任何版权,商标,专利或其他财产的许可或其他权利。 由于本网站的内容是专有的,因此您或任何其他方未经授权使用本网站上的材料均可能违反法律。

“Kirkus 评论” and “Kirkus”以及本网站上规定的所有徽标,其他商标名称,商标,服务标志(无论是否已注册)(“Kirkus Trademarks”)是我们的唯一财产。  The 柯克斯 Trademarks may not be used in connection with any product or service that is not owned by us in any manner that is likely to cause confusion among customers, or in any manner that disparages or discredits us. 本网站上出现的任何非我们所有的商标均为其各自所有者的财产,不得与商标所有者所拥有的任何产品或服务一起使用,以任何可能引起客户混淆的方式使用,或以任何贬低或歧视商标所有人的方式。  未经服务提供商或该商标,服务商标或商品名称的所有者的许可,不得复制,下载或以其他方式利用上述所有商标,除非商标所有者明确允许。


您 may not use the 网站 to transmit, route, provide connections to or store any material that infringes copyrighted works, trademarks or otherwise violates or promotes the violation of the intellectual property rights of any third party.

服务提供商,根据美国法典第17条由《数字千年版权法案》第二部分(以下简称““Act”), reserves the right, but not the obligation, to terminate your license to use this 网站 if it determines in its sole and absolute discretion that you are involved in infringing activity, including alleged acts of first-time or repeat infringement, regardless of whether the material or activity is ultimately determined to be infringing. Service Provider accommodates and does not interfere with standard technical measures used by copyright owners to protect their materials. In addition, pursuant to 17 U.S.C. Section 512(c), Service Provider has implemented procedures for receiving written notification of claimed infringements and for processing such claims in accordance with the 法案. All claims of infringement must be submitted to Service Provider in a written complaint that complies with the requirements below and is delivered to 我们的 designated agent to receive notification of claimed infringement:


柯克斯 Media LLC




柯克斯[email protected]





The parties submit any claims or actions arising, directly or indirectly, out of or related to the use of the 网站 to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the state or federal courts having jurisdiction over Travis County, Texas.  The parties stipulate that the venue referenced in this 协议 is convenient.



您同意全额支付订阅费以及与您的用户名和密码有关的访问本网站所产生的任何其他费用(包括任何适用的税费),其收费标准与发生时的费用相同。 如果您的订购包括访问包含高级内容或服务的区域,则您访问这些区域可能需要支付额外的费用,条款和条件,这些费用,条款和条件将在这些区域中单独披露。我们会自动将所有费用记入您的信用卡,借记卡或签帐卡。 订阅费用将在您开始订阅或进行任何续订时收取。 除非我们另有书面说明,否则所有费用均不予退还。 我们可能会通过事先通知您更改当时生效的费用或增加新的费用。 如果您想使用其他信用卡,借记卡或签帐卡,或者卡的有效期或有效期有所更改,或者如果您认为有人未经您授权使用您的用户名和密码访问了本网站,则必须遵循以下步骤在我们的网站上。您有责任通过互联网访问提供商或其他第三方服务访问网站而产生的任何费用。 如果我们未从您的信用卡,借记卡或签帐卡发行商或其代理商处收到付款,则您同意根据我们的要求支付所有应付款。

如果您在订阅或以其他方式向我们提交您的信用卡,借记卡或签帐卡信息后,则表示您允许我们将您通过帐户产生的所有费用记入您指定的信用卡,借记卡或签帐卡。 所有额外费用(续订费用除外)均将在产生时收取。 如果无法从您的信用卡,借记卡或借记卡中扣除付款,或者由于任何原因(包括退款)将您的付款退还给我们,我们保留暂停或终止您的帐户及其根据本协议承担的所有义务的权利。

Privacy and 您r Account

在您使用网站的过程中,包括订阅和注册网站,您将向我们提供某些个性化信息,并且可能会(或要求您选择)密码,用户ID和/或其他注册信息信息(统称为“User Information”) which is subject to 我们的 隐私政策. 用户信息 may be stored and processed in the United States or any other country where we have facilities, and by subscribing to the 网站, you consent to the transfer of information outside of your country. If your access to the 网站 has been provided by or through a third party (for example, your employer or an education institution where you are a student) (each, a “Third Party”), the 第三者 may have provided us with 用户信息 to enable us to provide you with access to the 网站 and distinguish you from other 订阅rs (such as your email address or name). 您同意并声明您提供的所有订购信息都是准确的和最新的。在网站上订阅和/或设置帐户时,您不得假冒,模仿或假装为他人。 您同意在更改地址或电子邮件时立即通知我们,以便我们可以继续与您联系并发送此处要求的任何通知。 如果您没有及时将更改通知我们,则我们发送至您的旧地址或电子邮件的任何通知均应视为充分通知。 

We reserve the right to disclose any information about you, including 用户信息, in order to comply with any applicable laws and/or requests under legal process, to operate 我们的 systems properly, to protect 我们的 property or rights, and to safeguard the interests of others.

Use of 密码

您 are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password you use to access the 网站 (the “Password”).  It is your responsibility to choose your 密码 wisely.  您 may not authorize others to use your 密码.  If you provide someone else with access to your 密码, they will have the ability to view information about your account and make changes through the 网站.

您 are solely responsible for all usage or activity on your account including, but not limited to, use of the account by any person who uses your 密码, with or without authorization, or who has access to any computer on which your account resides or is accessible.

If you have reason to believe that your account is no longer secure (for example, in the event of a loss, theft or unauthorized disclosure or use of your 密码 or any credit, debit or charge card number stored on the 网站), you must promptly change the affected 密码 by using the appropriate update mechanism on the 网站, if available, or notify 我们的 Customer Service Team as described in 我们的  隐私政策.

We may refuse to grant you a user name or 密码 that impersonates someone else, is protected by trademark or other proprietary right law, or is vulgar or otherwise offensive.

Only one individual may access the 网站 at the same time using the same user name or 密码, unless we agree otherwise.

社区区域 and User Generated 内容

(a) User 内容. We may offer you the opportunity to comment on and engage in discussions regarding review, books and various related topics in the 社区区域. 您在创建个人资料时或与上述任何活动相关的任何内容,信息,图形,音频,图像和链接,均称为“User 内容” in this 协议 and is subject to various terms and conditions as set forth below.

(b) 关于其他用户和用户内容的注意事项。 您了解并同意,用户内容包括许多个人和组织的信息,观点,意见和建议。 重要的是,您应对自己的决定以及正确分析和验证您打算依赖的任何信息负责。我们不认可任何用户的任何建议或意见。我们不会定期筛选,编辑或查看用户内容。但是,我们保留随时监视或从网站或任何社区区域删除任何用户内容的权利,恕不另行通知。您还应该注意,其他用户可能会出于个人利益使用网站或社区区域。结果,请以适当的怀疑态度对待消息。 用户内容可能具有误导性,欺骗性或错误性。

(c)您授予权利和代表。 如果您在社区区域上载,发布或提交任何用户内容,则向我们表示您拥有上载,发布或提交此类用户内容的所有必要法律权利,并且不会违反任何法律或任何人的权利。 您同意在社区区域上载,发布或提交信息后,即授予我们以及我们各自的分支机构和继承者非排他性的,可转让的,全球性的,缴足的,免版税的,永久的,不可撤销的使用权和使用许可,以任何方式全部或部分地从您的用户内容分发,公开表演,展示,复制和创建您的用户内容的衍生作品,而无任何补偿您的义务。  您还授予我们根据本协议的条款和条件授权用户和其他用户使用用户内容或其任何部分的权利,包括在社区区域专门显示用户内容的权利,以及允许其他用户或其他用户请求访问您的用户内容,例如通过RSS Feed。 我们也可能出于任何原因删除任何用户内容,恕不另行通知。 这包括与您使用服务或会员资格有关的所有材料,包括您在使用服务时创建的电子邮件帐户,帖子,个人资料或其他个性化信息。
(d) 禁止使用社区区域。  您同意不会通过以下方式上传,发布,传播,分发或以其他方式通过网站或社区区域或通过网站或任何社区区域提供的任何服务或功能,即(i)限制或禁止任何其他用户使用和享用本网站或社区区域,(ii)欺诈,违法,威胁,侮辱,骚扰,诽谤,诽谤,淫秽,粗俗,令人反感,色情,亵渎,性露骨或不雅,(iii )构成或鼓励可能构成刑事犯罪,引起民事责任或以其他方式违反任何当地,州,国家或国际法律的行为;(iv)侵犯,or窃或侵犯第三方的权利,包括但不限于版权,商标,商业秘密,保密性,合同,专利,隐私权或公开权或任何其他专有权,(v)包含病毒,间谍软件或其他有害组件,(vi)包含嵌入式链接,广告,任何形式的连锁信或金字塔计划,或(vii)构成或包含虚假或误导性的出身,背书或事实陈述。您进一步同意不假冒任何其他个人或实体,包括实际或虚构的人员,包括来自服务提供商的任何人。您也可能不会通过提交给我们论坛的评论来提供或购买任何产品或服务。您自己对任何活动的内容和后果负责。

(e)监督和编辑控制权。 我们保留监视和/或查看用户发布到网站或社区区域的所有材料的权利,但没有义务,并且我们对用户发布的任何此类材料不承担任何责任。但是,我们保留在任何时候披露满足任何法律,法规或政府要求所必需的任何信息的权利,或编辑,拒绝发布或删除全部或部分由我们独有的全部信息或材料的权利。自由裁量权令人反感或违反本协议,我们的政策或适用法律。如果我们认为您违反了本段,本协议或适用法律中规定的准则,或者我们对社区区域的某些功能进行了限制,或者限制您访问部分或全部论坛,恕不另行通知或不加处罚。出于任何其他原因,恕不另行通知或承担责任。

(F) Private or Sensitive Information on 社区区域.  您 understand and agree that comments submitted to any Community Area may be recorded and stored in multiple places, both on the 网站 and elsewhere on the Internet, which are likely to be accessible for a long time and you have no control over who will read them eventually.

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